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Although Lamman started acting at an early age of 8, his major role came in 2002 after he appeared in a daily soap ' Regarding his nationality and ethnicity, Lamman Rucker is a Black-American and is unmarried even at the age of 45.

However, he has been in several affairs and was in a long-term relationship with a former actress, Jill Scott as a girlfriend.

2008, Scott acknowledged her Drummer Boy as her 'Valentine' by giving him a gift and a big kiss on the lips.

He in return, gave her a 'loving wink' after they kissed, according to the fan.

Edit Lamman Rucker who was inclined towards acting right from an early age officially started his career in 1998, appearing in a miniseries named ' The Temptation' where he played Jimmy Ruffin.

His acting skill was highly praised and appreciated.

Oh, if it wasn’t for that PR woman trying to whisk him off to an “exit interview”. Black Angels Over Tuskegee is the story of the Tuskegee Airmen told in narrative of six men embarking upon a journey to become pilots in the United States Army Air Forces.

Ok, yea I know, he ain’t Obama or, let’s see, Denzel Washington but I tell ya, he’s a fine black man. I rubbed shoulders with this Hollywood star and the other actors of Black Angels Over Tuskegee this weekend when the play came to the city. The play explores their collective struggle with Jim Crow, their intelligence, patriotism, dreams of an inclusive fair society, and brotherhood.

That she didn’t have an actual breakdown on set is something of a miracle, given that she was shooting the movie when her brother Michael died.

“Janet wasn’t there that day of shooting,” said Perry at the movie’s New York premiere last night.

Edit After appearing in various Hollywood movies and gaining a lot of praise and appreciation, in 2002 he made his television debut with As The World Turns.

This television proved to be his major success in all these years.

Maybe it was just a part of her show.' Well, maybe it was a part of the show, but would that also explain why he escorted her to the 50th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony two days before on February 12th?

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