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If you remember that you did sign up for updates from this company and want to hear more, you can always unblock the number later. This is unlikely, but if you do receive a bunch of audio messages, you can delete them later on.On Android, you can do the same thing, except instead of an “i” it’s the three vertical dots.On an i Phone, go to the offending text and press the “i” in the upper right-hand corner.

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But if you’re receiving random messages from a company or organization you’ve never heard of, there’s a good chance this activity is against the law.

It’s also possible that the sender is phishing for information and trying to scam you.

Luckily, this process has become easier and more streamlined than ever.“Oh, it’s only spam,” you think to yourself.

“I can just delete it.”Spam is more than an inconvenience.

Maybe you’re just bored and you want to find out who the sender actually is. At best, you won’t get a response, and at worst, engaging could make the problem worse.

No matter how indignant or curious you are, the less you interact with a spammer, the better off you’ll be.

Then select People & Options You could stop there, but the FTC would appreciate it if you did your civic duty as well.

Whether you are a Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile customer, you can easily hold these spammers accountable. If you look at your keypad, you’ll see it spells out “SPAM.” Clever, eh?

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