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A nicely crafted chat UI for mobile devices that features a very nice minimal design counting on translucid elements and background as well as gradient colored bubbles to differentiate your dialogue from the ones of the person you’re chatting with.

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A resizable chat layout with a bar to adjust the size of the window, it features round main pictures of participants and a scroll bar to check older messages. A nice Facebook chat-like UI which has your contacts on a right sidebar menu and you can show them or hide them with a button, as well as the actual chat widgets will slide up as you click on the contacts you want to chat with.

An elegant CSS chat designed for business, delivering an elegant appearance.

It was created by Andy Tran and it’s available to be edited and implemented in any website.

A material design chat app made in CSS and SVG elements, with cool animations and a flat design.This example studies viscoplastic creep in solder joints under thermal loading using the Anand viscoplasticity model, which is suitable for large, isotropic, viscoplastic deformations in combination with small elastic deformations.The geometry includes two electronic components (chips) mounted on a circuit board by means of several solder ball ...A simple and easy Javascript and CSS chat box that alternates between users.It is easily customizable to match your site and can be implemented in a heartbeat.O Nonlinear Structural Materials Module amplia os recursos mecânicos do Structural Mechanics Module e do MEMS Module com modelos de materiais não lineares, incluindo grandes deformações plásticas.

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