Deepika and ranbir dating again

The scenario was this: there is already some distance between the couple with hardly any time to talk to each other because of work; into this mix, throw in some misunderstandings between them, and what do you get? Insiders say Ranbir apparently couldn't live without his s made ‎by his mum.

He had even mentioned that to me in an earlier interview.

However, no matter what stars want, producers want something else.

Rishi and Neetu were stoic about their son living in with his girlfriend.

Never did Neetu or Rishi post a pic or tweet about Katrina as an important member of the family.

What led to the heart-breaking split of Bollywood's golden couple?

Senior film journalist and Bollywood insider Soumyadipta Bannerjee attempts to understand The obituaries have been written. Sceptics are saying ‘we told you so’ while fans are asking ‘why did it happen?

That explains why most producers didn't want to have Ranbir and Katrina in a film though the stars themselves were quite open to it.

The one that they had greenlighted, to see him through.

How would you react if you were in Katrina's place?

Kat did just what any girlfriend would have done --- she refused to talk about either Ranbir or .

The relationship between Ranbir and Katrina had an even bigger implication in the business of Bollywood. This will help you understand why the relationship between two stars are of primary importance for everybody in the industry.

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