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Royal Mc Bee was consistently listed as a Fortune 500 company. Secretary of Commerce Sinclair Weeks and the Governor of Connecticut, Abe Ribicoff.

In December 1957, Royal announced it had just produced its 10 millionth typewriter. In December 1964, Litton Industries' stockholders approved the acquisition of Royal Mc Bee. Litton would change the name of Royal Mc Bee back to Royal Typewriter and reorganize the company into five divisions: Royal Typewriter, Roytype Consumer Products, Roytype Supplies, Mc Bee Systems, and RMB.

The Royal Typewriter Company was founded by Edward B. Myers in January, 1904 in a machine shop in Brooklyn, New York.

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Royal would manufacture machine guns, rifles, bullets, propellers, and spare parts for airplane engines.

It wouldn't be until September 1945 that Royal would start typewriter production full-time again and not until December 1948 that Royal would catch up on its pre-war backlog.

They demonstrated their machine which had numerous innovations including: friction-free, ball-bearing, one-track rail to support the weight of the carriage, a new paper feed, a lighter and faster typebar action, and complete visibility of the words as they are typed.

Ryan was impressed and put up $220,000 in exchange for financial control.

In 1947, Royal would win patent suits against Remington and LC Smith Corona.

In February 1950, Royal introduced its first electric typewriter. Myers, the surviving founder of the Royal Typewriter Company, died in Freeport, New York at the age of 84.

Royal's first model utilizing the "upright" design was the Royal 10, which came out in 1914.

Original models had two beveled glass panes on each side.

By July, Royal stockholders approve the plan and Royal Mc Bee was formed.

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