Telugusexs - Casual dating vs friends with benefits

We never spoke about it but for almost the entirety of our time together, I couldn't get over the fact that there was no label.

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I wanted the label but wasn't confident I wanted it badly enough to walk away from him if he wasn't willing to give it to me.

Whether through fear or otherwise, situationships are often a stagnant game of chicken.

If situationships are born from ambiguity and assumptions, the only way out is through an honest conversation about labels and expectations.

Let's say you have that talk and your situationship progresses, becoming a Real Thing. You've now won the right to refer to this relationship with a level of legitimacy that honestly should've been assumed given the emotional and sexual investment.

When I was in college, I met a guy at a bar and started hooking up with him.

He'd take me out to dinner with his friends and coworkers, I stayed at his place four nights a week, I even kept a toothbrush there, and it wasn't weird.

But what if the worst case scenario happens: You try broaching that conversation, fail, and part ways?

You're left with memories that don't really feel like yours to claim.

Normalizing situationships teaches people to lower their expectations and take whatever they can get from a partner, because hey, at least he likes you. The sooner you can lean into your feelings and stop being ashamed of having emotions, the sooner you can bounce back and get back out there.

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